Tips for winning Pick Or Punt

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Think you know the NFL?  Predict the winner of each game each week.  Survive the upsets and finish amongst the top prognosticators (least misses) and you’ll share in the big weekly TCredits “Zackpot.”  And if you’re really confident in your picks, you can “double down” for just 5 TCredits and TRIPLE your Zackpot winnings!  You can also compete for the top spots on the Pick Or Punt Leaderboard and earn cool badges, too!  Details below.

Not sure how a game is going to go?  You can “punt” on up to two games each week.  To punt, click the “Punt” button beside the game.  The benefit of punting is that the game will not count on your record, so that’s up to two less misses on your record that you can guarantee for yourself each week.  However, punting does cost TCredits.  Punting is completely optional.

You can enter Pick Or Punt each…

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