Découvrez les maisons les plus isolées du monde qui vont vraiment vous faire rêver ! | Actualités SeLoger

Ces maisons éparpillées aux quatre coins du monde ont largement de quoi recharger les batteries de toutes les âmes fatiguées. Soufflez un grand coup, ouvrez bien les yeux et laissez-vous emporter par ces demeures de rêve les plus isolées du monde.

Source: Découvrez les maisons les plus isolées du monde qui vont vraiment vous faire rêver ! | Actualités SeLoger

Présentation de Rakuten Marketing | LinkedIn

Rakuten Marketing is a global digital marketing company whose services encompass affiliate, search, attribution and display.  Our Mission Traveling an ever-expanding technological landscape, today’s consumer has no borders. This makes it an especially exciting time for brands. That’s why our mission is to empower clients with solutions that go beyond the expected, from superior service and technology to consumer-centric insights that drive better results. This means offering real-time insight into campaign performance across multiple channels and devices. It means maintaining a bird’s eye view of purchasing paths. And it means discovering new opportunities to facilitate global expansion.     Our Company With nine offices around the world, our global marketing services span affiliate, search, mobile, lead generation, display and attribution. The recent merger of LinkShare, MediaForge, Paid Search, DC Storm and Popshops under Rakuten Marketing means we offer the highest level of specialization in our core services combined with an integrated approach to simplify what has become an increasingly complex digital marketing space. In 2014, we launched Cadence, our omni-channel attribution platform that provides a single point of install and cross channel insights to optimize media spend. Our company is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, France and Germany and throughout the United States. Find out more http://www.rakutenmarketing.com

Source: Présentation de Rakuten Marketing | LinkedIn